Air Bag Inflators Manufactured From a Reliable Source in Kentucky

Daicel Safety Systems America in Beaver Dam

An air bag is an important safety feature in any car. Daicel Safety Systems America ensures that your air bag inflators are manufactured from top quality materials. Our trusted specialists seek to manufacture air bag inflators that have earned an exceptional reputation as reliable products. We understand the importance of a properly functioning air bag and to ensure every inflator that leaves our facility meets all quality expectations.

WARNING: Counterfeit and Salvaged Inflators
Our products are only sold and delivered to airbag module manufacturers. We do not sell our products to individuals or aftermarket dealers. Accordingly, the company cautions and warns against the purchase, installation or use of any airbag inflator that is not part of an original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") airbag module or not installed by a certified service provider. Such inflators are likely to be counterfeit (fake) or salvaged and should not be used. Such inflators do not meet our stringent safety and quality standards and therefore can cause harm and damage to personal property as well as personal injury or death. Use of a salvaged inflator voids our product warranty. THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL SUPPORT AND WARRANTY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE COMPATIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE OF COUNTERFEIT AND SALVAGED INFLATORS.

Top Quality Inflators

Air bags are vital for protecting occupants in a car accident. DSSA provides superior manufacturing that allows the company to supply excellent air bag inflators.

As a member of the pyrotechnic sector of Daicel Corporation, our company is responsible for producing reliable, quality inflators. We're in the business of saving lives and we take that commitment seriously.