Airbag Inflator Technology

Airbag Inflator Technology

Technology of 0.1 Seconds

The air bag system is composed of sensors to perceive the collision impact, inflators to activate the air bag, and the air bag itself. The sequence of the system from initiation to bag deployment to protect the occupant is completed within only 0.1 seconds, shorter than a blink of an eye.

The technologies have been developed by the total corporate capability of the Daicel group which, have been exploring the leading-edge in the diversified technology areas of aerospace, electricity and electronics.

DSSA Manufacturing History

Flexible Production System

Flexible Production System

Flexible production system and DSSA management system have been established to comply with the industry's specific supply system (just-in-time) through computer-controlled FA Line.

For Ultimate Reliability

DSSA performs reliability tests under severe conditions to verify the highest reliability required by customers for the inflators. DSSA serves customers through a total system from design to evaluation.

Line Up: Products & Technology That Contribute to Safety

Automotive Air Bag Inflators

An air bag inflator, a central component of automotive air bag systems, dispenses gas to the protective air bag at the moment of impact in the event of a collision. Based on our extensive know-how in the field of explosives, DSSA seeks to provide top quality air bag inflators.

Daicel contributes to the safety of automobile drivers by being involved in every step of the production process of environmentally friendly inflators, from the manufacture of the gas generating agents to assembly of the inflator.